Workshop for Choir Singers—14 September 2008

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When and where

Sunday 14 Sep 2008 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

St Andrews Church Hall  Myers St  Bendigo

You will learn about and practise

  • Vocal health
  • The natural volume of our voice
  • Relaxing the body while singing
  • ‘Sleeping breath’
  • Giving your voice space through correct posture
  • The ‘calling’ technique
  • Getting more out of your voice with less effort
  • Harmony and rhythm—with a Georgian flavour
  • Balancing voice resonance & overtones for a full-bodied sound

Presenters and format

The workshop has 2 presenters, specialists who will advance our skills in voice, harmony and rhythm. Participants divide into 2 groups. The presenters each run a 90 minute session with each group. At the end of the workshop the presenters direct a ‘big sing’ for the whole group.

Voice production and health (how to sing)

Presenter: John Lander
Getting more out of your voice with less effort; vocal health; ‘sleeping breath’; relaxation of the body; the ‘calling’ technique; the natural volume of our voice; giving your voice space through correct posture; balancing voice resonance and overtones in a choir for a full-bodied sound.

Harmony and rhythm (what to sing)

Presenter: Dr Nino Tsitsishvili
Developing our sense of harmony and rhythm—with a Georgian flavour.

Who may attend

Anyone may attend who sings in a choir or who wants to sing in a choir.

Information and tickets

Enquiries: or David 0408 053 990

Tickets: $40 from Capital Theatre 03 5434 6100

Tickets may be available at the door if there is space in the workshop.

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